Moldavite Orgone Pendulum

Pro Moldavite Pendulums w/ Orgone


Very accurate and easy to dowse  professional Moldavite Orgonite pendulum.


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Product Description

Moldavite Orgone Pendulum
Moldavite Orgone Pendulum

Highest Vibration Pendulums: Moldavite Orgone Pendulum Dowsing Tool.

For accurate quick results with interference resistant ingredients.

Moldavite is a extremely high vibration green “meteorite” known for its multidimensional connections.

Mixed with our super cleansing Super Ener-chi 27 ingredient crystal/herb powder and orgonite(resin and powdered metals). Tuned with our unique tuning,charging procedures.Hand wire-wrapped with copper and brass. Amethyst/Serpentine beads finish off the end of the chain.

Our pendulums are used internationally by top professional dowsers/healers and of course the healers at Ener-Chi Wellness.

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