Ty and Nora

Spiritual Counseling OR Training

$60 $40

Spiritual Counseling, training, guidance.


Product Description

We are offering a counseling, life coach services for those that want a more spiritual/psychic perspective. Also, this is a perfect service for those psychic, sensitives, intuitive s and people with “phenomena”. Chances are we have experienced it and have solutions. If you are an intuitive/sensitive on this planet then you have on purposely had knowledge withheld on how to survive and thrive here. We can assist with that.

We also Train clients/people on basics of dowsing, muscle testing,  self clearing, how to use tool and how to choose supplements.

Follow up session not involving actual clearing may fall under this section.

Our clients that are proficient at muscle testing(applied kinesthesiology) may request Ener-Chi Heart Dowsing training. A type of dowsing giving greater access to TRUE TRUTH.

We are doing a very reasonable fall pricing of $40/hr.