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A starter kit to energetically tune and protect spaces, rooms and sacred spaces.

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What to quickly tune up your room…your meditation space…your office space……your healing space……your bedroom?? ETC………………..

These 3 pieces will a great start in getting the vibration of any room. For the USA only unless you are familiar with adapters and prongs for your region. We are not.

First we have the Quantum Energy Room Protector. Also featured shop. A great starter piece with an added layer of shungite and iron for protection and purification. List price is 129.95 but you won’t be paying that. More info HERE

Second piece is a Orgone(ite) Electric outlet wall mount. It is not active so it doesn’t have to be in an electric outlet to work but the field of the outlet will activate it more. ¬†Most electric outlets have a huge emf and radio wave field. This assists in keeping the vibrations balanced and healthy. List is 64.99

The whole set is a huge discount of nearly 80 dollars!!

For free were are throwing in a Stetzer Filter. This plugs into an outlet(or a multitap plug) and reduces dirty electricity. Sensitives will feel how much more relaxing a place is when plugged in. Great for keeping a room harmonious. Get more online for the whole house(not sold here). These are about 35 dollar list and your getting one free.

NOTE: I have tested this with a Stetzer meter. It works. Though they last a life time(usually) we can provide no warranty or gaurantee on this item. Also, when plugging into an outlet a small spark is normal and usual.