Quantum Energy Room Protector

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Protect your Home and Rooms from Negativity and Harmful Vibrations.


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Product Description

SALE: I made several that have a slightly less weight then normal so I took off $30.00

This ORB/UFO shaped Quantum Energy…will heal and protect your room from EMF, entities and negative intention. Produces a huge scalar field.

The top is made of Black Iron(repels entities), Shungite( anti emf, anti-negative energies, anti-radiation and pollution) and our 30+ tuned powdered crystal mixture called Super Ener-Chi Powder that produces a huge healing quantum energy/tachyon/orgone/life energy field.

The bottom is Industrial Grade Iron, Bronze, Copper and Brass Powders, Resin, Super Ener-Chi Powder(30 or more crystals).

Weight: over a 1/4 pound( the ones on sale are about 1/3 pound)

Highly recommended for our clients who get alot of “interference”.