SriYantra Orgone
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18 karat Sacred Geometry Charging Plate


Ener-Chi Wellness;s Most powerful Charging Plate with Sacred Geometry. Our Charging plates are excellent tools for healing, removing unwanted energies, emf/entity/energetic/geopathic stress protection and of course charging food/water/crystals/plants. Boosts the over all energy of your house/land. Each plate comes with 90+ carefully selected ingredients and programming.

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Product Description

Please Choose one. Torus, Sri-Yantra or 12 pointed star.

18 Karat gold sacred geometry plate on top of Ener-Wellness’s Super Charging plate. Great for charging and healing food, water, crystals and other objects.
The torus is the basic shape of magnetic, electromagnetic, vortex and perpetual energy machines. This plate is a 2-d representation of a 3D(or more) object. Great for breaking up stagnate and disharmonious fields.

The Sri-Yantra is a Hindu sacred symbol consisting of several different types of triangles. Often used for meditation and activating the Pinneal gland…the triangular shapes would also be useful in breaking up the unnatural square fields from electronics.

The 12 pointed intersecting geometry. Again lots of triangles would be good for creating healing intent and breaking up emf and other artificial vibrations.

These rest on top of our usual charging plate ingredients, Super Ener-Chi-Powder( 40+ rare healing herbs and crystals) to bring balance and cleansing on all levels. Industrial grade micronized copper, brass, bronze and Iron for maximum life energy/orgone/quantum energy generation. The bottom has Aluminum shavings and a quality Magnet wire vortex coil to keep the energy flowing through the piece. We spice things up with our own Every peace is charged many hours with several quantum imprinting devices, coils, Krystaline intent broadcasters(rings/beamer/vesca), Sacred Lemurian grid charged with info of 7 ancient Lemuria libraries(relatively unknown rock/crystal boulders sacred to indigenous…. all through the ring of fire), 4 different healing tools, tesla plate, Sanjveeni, several huge orgone devices, scalar energy, 40+ frequencies and healing programs.
There is never any need to charge or clean our pieces!!

JUST ADDED!! Our charging plates have 4 “DIVINE EARTH BITS” glued to the bottom to provide protection from scratching surfaces. AND They just so happen to have 80+ crystals, herbs and essential oils mixed in…. to more than double the power!!! They went from a very high 26k Bovis units to way over 50k Bovis units with this small addition.